Mary J. Blige explains the “411” on her decision to sing to Hillary Clinton

W.T.E. News
Okay…  I think we all can agree that Mary J. Blige singing to Hillary Clinton was pretty awkward.  Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton looked as if she was totally caught of guard.  Hillary Clinton was ready to call “Pineapples!”

Blige sat down with Hillary Clinton for her new Apple Music show of which, MJB hoped to touch the heart of the candidate.  The Queen of R&B decided that she would sing “American Skin” by Bruce Springsteen.  According to NY Daily News, Mary explained, ” I wanted to incorporate the song in the show because the lyrics resonated with me so deeply and so heavily because of all the shootings and police brutality and I never got a chance to say anything.”

Blige has received a lot of backlash from critics for her decision to spontaneously sing during her interview with Hillary Clinton.  Therefore, Mary felt the need to defend her actions.  Blige feels that the only way she can express herself is through singing.  NY Daily News further reports that Mary J. Blige said, “I didn’t warm up.  I just sang.  It was organic and that’s how it went.  And hopefully, I believe she [Hillary Clinton] felt it.  I think she did.  That will never happen again.  That was just for her.”  Thanks for the explanation MJB.  We love you Queen, but we hope that will never happens again too!

~Lauren Sizzle, “We Talk Entertainment


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